Fox Optic review Pulsar Trail Thermion XP50 vs ATN Thor 4 2.5-25 640x480 17 micron units

I have been testing both the Pulsar Thermion, Trail and ATN Thor 4 thermals lately. The ATN firmware seems to be getting very stable recently, they have gone to a better switch pad, fixed the slot gap issue, and stepped up their customer service game substantially. To be honest, at this point the image quality comparing video out and in the viewfinder is very similar between these two ATN Thor 4 2.5-25 and Pulsar Trail XP50 both are 640x480 17-micron units. I certainly prefer the turret layout on the new Thermion, it allows more freedom of movement and mounting choices. I do however prefer the extra eye relief and ocular layout/display view of the ATN. The Thermion is lower weight and I personally like their hybrid, removable and permanent power system better, it packs less onboard battery life than the ATN's fully contained system which is a large part of the weight reduction to be fair. I find the Pulsar menu more intuitive, easier to use and understand. (recognizably this is almost 100% personal preference kind of like the Apple Samsung thing.) The Pulsar has the very very popular PIP and vastly better reticle choices, however, the ATN Ballistic calculator and ABL basically do the work for you and mitigate the need for multiple reticle choices when working correctly. Lately, my ATN test units have been working very well, but my Pulsars have always worked well.   Which brings us right back to price, features, reliability, and personal preference.  Questions or need help deciding, give me a call 877-806-2977 (We are a smaller outfit and you will get me or my wife directly, Travis Fox)

Full detailed review coming soon!

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