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Fox Optic Hog and Pig Saddle Complete Shooting Tripod Kits

The Clamps:

HOG Saddle Mod7 is precision engineered and a fully machined US-built and standard issue to the U.S. Marine Corps and other various Special Operations Units.  This unit is built to last, has zero flex, and weighs just 15.8 ounces.  NSN 1005-01-616-2719

PIG Saddle High-Quality steel clamp made to last a lifetime.  Don't let this unit's low price fool you, this is a serious gun clamp and will fit the needs of the majority of applications.  Weighs just 22.4 oz

The Tripods:

PIG0311-G Aluminum Field Shooting Tripod.  Budget-friendly but maximum precision. Weighing in a 5.6 lbs this is a clear choice if trimming weight is not your singular goal.

PIGlite-CF4 Carbon Fiber Shooting Tripod.  Looking to shed pounds?  In hunting situations where ounces can matter most while planning your pack, the PIGlite comes in at only 3.6 lbs and is built for the trip.

The Ball heads:

XB52 When you need the ultimate in precision and control this unit is our top of the line.  The large surface area of the 52mm ball and its ultra-precise damping and locking control will have you placing unbelievable shots from an amazingly versatile tripod system.  If ultra-high precision, really big calibers or super heavy guns are your deal, this unit cost more but it's worth it.  My personal all-around favorite kit for general use of every tripod setup I have tested is the HOG Saddle, aluminum field tripod, and XB52 ball head kit.

XB44 While an all-around great head in any application, this is my favorite ball choice when paired with the CF4 carbon fiber leg set and the MOD 7 HOG Saddle, it completes an extremely high performance yet super lightweight kit.

FB52 If you are looking to cut costs,  this head only weighs slightly more and sacrifices a very small amount of "control" vs the XB52.  It is a great choice for the recreational shooter that wants precision while not breaking the bank.  Pairs very well with the Field Tripod Aluminum leg set and either Pig or Hog Saddle clamp systems.  Very nice for the money.

FO46  This is our standard ball head.  It doesn't feature a lot of bells and whistles but has proven extremely rugged for its miserly cost.  This is a 46mm 44lb rated unit with great control and precision for its cost.  Our best selling kit is this unit paired with the  Aluminum Field Tripod leg set and Pig Saddle clamp.

The beauty of the ShadowTech Pig and Hog saddle kits is their modular versatility.  Looking for an extremely portable yet accurate shooting system with full height and angular control that will allow you to shoot from almost any position with similar precision to a table and rest?  Want a multi-tasker that can easily adapt and be used with a spotting scope, camera, rangefinder, etc?   Want to save coin and upgrade later?  Just choose the most important features at the moment and know that you can upgrade any portion of the system later.  

If you have any questions or need help selecting the unit that is right for you give me a call at 877-806-2977 and I would be more than happy to help with your selection.  Thanks, Travis Fox