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Sound Update for Pulsar Thermion and Axion
learn how to connect to Stream Vision app and
update your device.

QD mount test for Sightmark Wraith

Choosing which thermal device is right for you
what do all those numbers mean?

Sightmark Wraith Day Night Scope

Shooting Tripods

Tips on making your own thermal targets

Pulsar Thermion thermal how to zero video

ATN Thor 4 one shot zero using Obsidian 4 app

Latest Pulsar Thermion Thermal Rifle Scope Video

New Pulsar Axion XM30 vs XM30 Key
What's the differnce?

Tactacam FTS Film Thru Scope, just plane cool.

Pulsar Image quality a little ride in the country

What is the new Pulsar Axion?

Shadow Tech Hog and Pig Saddle Tripod Kits
plus a look at the new Bog Carbon Fiber Death Grip

New Sightmark Photon RT kit

Quick Pulsar Trail One Shot zero how to video

Pulsar Trail Quick Look at the Unit

Using the Quick menu on the Pulsar Trail (or Helion)

Pulsar Trail Reticle Selections and Variations

Pulsar Thermal NUC Options for clearing your image

Sightmark Photon RT instructional videos

Why we prefer the new Pulsar thermal products.

Pulsar Trail or ATN Thor HD Hands down Pulsar. 
The more I am around these units the easier the answer becomes
feel free to call me and find out why. 877-806-2977

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